Chapters and Authors

A Political Science Experiment

Roster of Authors and Table of Contents:

Introduction: Joshua Tucker (New York University) & Andrew Rudalevige (Bowdoin College)

Regimes and Transitions: Monika Nalepa (University of Chicago)

The State/Comparative Political Institutions: Jennifer Gandhi (Emory University) & Jeffrey Staton (Emory University)

Making Governments: Presidential vs. Parliamentary Systems: Michael Laver (New York University)

Courts and Constitutions: Andrea Katz (Washington University, St Louis)

Electoral Rules: Andre Blais (University of Montreal) & Damien Bol (King’s College London)

Voting and Elections: Laura Stephenson (Western University, Ontario), Liz Zechmeister (Vanderbilt University) & Jen Merolla (University of California, Riverside)

Political Parties and Party Systems: Tim Haughton (University of Birmingham, UK)

Media and Social Media: Cristian Vaccari (Loughborough University, UK)

Political Communication: Cristian Vaccari (Loughborough University, UK)

Ethnicity and Ethnic Politics: Bethany Lacina (University of Rochester)

Gender and Politics: Marie Berry (University of Denver) & Hilary Matfess (University of Denver)

Race and Politics: Andrea Benjamin (University of Oklahoma)

Political Participation: Susan Stokes (University of Chicago) & Selim Erdem Aytac (KoƧ University, Istanbul)

Civil Conflict: Austin Wright (Harris School, University of Chicago)

Political Economy: Francisco Garfias (UC-San Diego) and Darin Christensen (UCLA)

Global Politics: Brandon Valeriano (Marine Corps University/Cato Institute), Ben Jensen (American University School of International Service), & Miguel Gomez (Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich)