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Regimes and Transitions


By Monika Nalepa, University of Chicago

The State


By Jennifer Gandhi, Yale University, and Jeffrey K. Staton, Emory University

Making and Breaking Governments


By Michael Laver, New York University

Courts and Constitutions


By Andrea Scoseria Katz, Washington University in St. Louis

Electoral Rules


By André Blais, Université de Montréal, and Damien Bol, King’s College London

Voting and Elections


By Jennifer L. Merolla, University of California, Riverside; Laura B. Stephenson, University of Western Ontario; and Elizabeth J. Zechmeister, Vanderbilt University

Political Parties and Party Systems


By Tim Haughton, University of Birmingham

Media and Political Communication


By Christian Vaccari, Loughborough University

The Effects of Political Information on Citizens


By Christian Vaccari, Loughborough University

Ethnicity and Ethnic Politics


By Bethany Lacina, University of Rochester

Gender and Politics


By Marie E. Berry, University of Denver, and Hilary Matfess, University of Denver

Political Participation: Elections and Protests


By S. Erdem Aytaç, Koç University, and Susan C. Stokes, University of Chicago

A Political Science Experiment

Roster of Authors and Table of Contents:

Regimes and Transitions: Monika Nalepa (University of Chicago)

The State/Comparative Political Institutions: Jennifer Gandhi (Yale University) & Jeffrey Staton (Emory University)

Making and Breaking Governments: Michael Laver (New York University)

Courts and Constitutions: Andrea Katz (Washington University, St Louis)

Electoral Rules: Andre Blais (University of Montreal) & Damien Bol (King’s College London)

Voting and Elections: Laura Stephenson (Western University, Ontario), Liz Zechmeister (Vanderbilt University) & Jen Merolla (University of California, Riverside)

Political Parties and Party Systems: Tim Haughton (University of Birmingham, UK)

Media and Social Media: Cristian Vaccari (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Political Communication: Cristian Vaccari (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Ethnicity and Ethnic Politics: Bethany Lacina (University of Rochester)

Gender and Politics: Marie Berry (University of Denver) & Hilary Matfess (University of Denver)

Race and Politics (Coming Winter 2024): Andrea Benjamin (University of Oklahoma)

Political Participation: Susan Stokes (University of Chicago) & Selim Erdem Aytac (Koç University, Istanbul)

Civil Conflict: Austin Wright (Harris School, University of Chicago)

Political Economy (Coming Winter 2024): Francisco Garfias (UC-San Diego) and Darin Christensen (UCLA)

Global Politics: Brandon Valeriano (Marine Corps University/Cato Institute), Ben Jensen (American University School of International Service), & Miguel Gomez (Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich)